Inspiring, alternative author
Radek K. Wylon

Welcome to the new world
of fiction

Radek Kristopher Wylon was born in Bielsko-Biała, Poland in 1979. He is a writer, physicist & computer scientist, IT developer and University lecturer. He is also a founder of a small, local, non-profit college in his hometown of Bielsko-Biała.

Radek K. Wylon is the creator of "Mind Concept Tuning" theory - a theory which shows people how to develop multiple unique concepts from a simple idea using certain brain stimulation methods. The theory is mainly based on lateral thinking techniques.

As a writer with a keen interest in quantum mechanics, Radek K. Wylon created his own, extraordinary style of writing, trying to use unique ideas which have not been used in any plot so far. With his 10 titles including thrillers, psychological thrillers, science-fiction novels, horror stories, dramas and comedies, Radek K. Wylon is probably amongst the most creative contemporary authors. He is currently working on two new books, a cartoon and a board game of European architecture.